Pavvo: The Defender

Genre: Romance

For Fans Of

Odette Stone, Helen Hunting, Toni Aleo, Melissa Bell, Zoe York, Kelly Jamieson. Pippa Grant, E. Cleveland

Book Summary

Pavvo is a millionaire from Finland's oldest family who loves playing hockey for his college team. He doesn't need the degree, but he is a shoo-in for the NHL. He loves his Porsche and having nice things. To think that he's smitten with a waitress who is a single mom is inconceivable to his roommate.
Grace dropped out of school to be a loving mother but when her daughter's paternal grandparents sue for custody drastic measures are needed to keep her and her daughter together. Pavvo comes up with a marriage of convenience to help their case and keep the young mother and daughter together. But what will happen after the case is resolved? Will Pavvo fall in love with his ready-made family or will he return to the bachelor life he craves?


released Oct. 5th 2020

About the Author

Zoe has previously been published in Shape Magazine, Parents of South Florida magazine, and was a journalist for the Fort Myers News-Press. She resides in southwest Florida with her husband and three large dogs. Her children live locally and are always up for a game night. Her love of hockey and writing led to the creation and motivation for the series. Her son is an avid hockey player. Each book is standalone in the series. For a free prequel to The Sin Bin Series Tyler: Hooked visit
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