Paw Elementary: Roxy's Adventure to the Hair Salon

Genre: Children

Book Summary

Roxy discovers that her friend, Honey bear, from Paw Elementary School is having a birthday party at a hair salon and now she’s nervous. What will happen during Roxy’s first visit to the hair salon? What will they do to her hair? And what are all of those scary tools they use? Go on an adventure with Roxy as she talks to her family and friends about the hair salon and she how she overcomes her fears in this adorable and educational children’s book.

About the Author

My name is Katie, I've been a dental hygienist for 10 years in public health. I recently started teaching college students how to become hygienists and received my Master's in Science in 2016. This is when I fell in love with writing and started writing a blog, and writing for dental magazines and publications. About two years ago I decided to try writing a children's book and today I have self published two of them and working on self publishing my first romance novel! I love being creative!I love to write and create a world where people can retreat to and enjoy. This romance novel means so much to me, it truly is a project I'm proud of and hope it can help people too. It has all of my favorite things; animals, romance, suspense, and wine. It will definitely be worth the time to read it and there is so much more to come! I hope you all love it as much as I love creating this world for you, my readers!

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