Genre: Short Stories

Book Summary

In this highly entertaining, informed, and intellectually challenging collection of personal anecdotes, essays, satires, ideologies and musings from his life, author Steve Manning delves anecdotally into the wonderful and often incomprehensible world of the human condition and spirit in all its spellbinding complexity.

Pimps Whores and Patrons of Virtue invites readers to meander through 35 years of Manning’s intellectual exophthalmia—his observations, reflections, projections, correspondence, musings, life experiences, stamp-filled passports, collection of interesting and interestingly boring people, answers to the next question and the next and the next, venting, people and things good, bad, and ugly, and irrelevant facts, factoids, and more.

The anecdotes the author presents paint a kaleidoscope of people, which he categorizes as pimps, whores, and the rarest of the species, patrons of virtue. This book showcases all three categories in their blooming glory and as well as their incomprehensible worst, in stories fueled by humor, inquisition and inspirations, balanced by the reality of life.

About the Author

Some people collect stamps, memorabilia, music, dolls, Zippo lighters, bottle caps, stamps, Happy Meals toys, rocks, bad habits …
Manning Collects People and Stories.
Steve asserts to lead a preposterously fulfilling life. That tends to happen to people who will try and fail to read everything in print and online, talk to anybody about anything, anywhere, anytime. And then try to live all of that. His “Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal” and “A Life Without Passion Is A Life Not Worth Living” philosophies are on his omnipresent imaginary teleprompter.
He was born and raised until his teens in Communist Romania. After a delightful stretch as near homeless in Rome, with a great escape story to tell, his family finally settled in Woody Allen’s den of mediocre intellect, Los Angeles, where he continues to reside. Enduring La La Land made possible by hard-earned access to the rest of the world, courtesy of Boeing and Airbus aircraft, and well-used and beefy-limits credit cards backed by success in business.
Large fingers notwithstanding, Steve has been pounding his keyboard for many years, right through a highly accomplished business life. He is credited with the origination of prominent creative and empirical concepts, strategies and techniques widely used today in the marketing and advertising world. Steve is a recognized expert in a number of fields including marketing, advertising, corporate governance and conflict resolution. He is also a consultant to typically successful people and businesses on a variety of matters, disciplines, challenges, and issues real and often imagined. Many of Steve’s written pieces have been widely circulated around the world. His white papers, treatments, compositions, analyses and position papers are frequently requested by the Board or the CEO to complement their vision. As are speeches (and eulogies) he has been asked to pen…
His passions are his family of fantastic women, his challenging friends, few and all much smarter than he, writing for fun and profit, competitive tennis and skiing, everything horsepower, and public speaking on two continents. His Clean Thoughts On A Dirty Wall is the most unique and intelligent social, political and all-about-life opinion, ideas and debate community site on earth, presently on hiatus to the chagrin of its worldwide constituency.
In his daily four to five hours of idle time, he sleeps really well and asserts to never snore.

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