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Book 1 in Series Beneath the town's sandy shores lies an evil so great and powerful. Linda Bennett moves from New York to Florida to live a quieter life. She rents a bookstore and makes new friends. Her best friend, Shana, opens a magic shop with elixirs and potions. Oasis offers white sand and blue ocean with calming tropical breezes. Life is peaceful until the dead body washes up on shore. As soon as the sun sets, elusive shadows stalk the young residents. Blood tinges the water of Oasis a...
A collection of poems from the pen of Mona Soorma a.k.a. Manic Sylph, Unrequited explores the emotions felt by the heart that has loved and lost. Divided into three sections, Love, Loss and Rise, it gives voice to the aches and longings that lie deep within all of us, but at times cannot find its expression in words. The book is available in kindle, epub and print versions on amazon and google play books. Do check all buying links for current discounted prices on various formats.
The first book in the series provides a glimpse into the lives of a primitive people as they endure a geomagnetic pole reversal event that strains their reliance on spiritual dogma and communal responsibilities. The tenuous existence of a band of Neolithic hunter-gatherers forms the backdrop for an epic action-adventure of love and obligation. A young warrior is thrust into the role of tribal leader when his adoptive father dies.
"From Dot to Cleopatra" is the full story of Ancient Egypt since the first Pharaoh to the death of Cleopatra VII and contains tables of the pharaohs, gods and pyramids of Egypt, as well as a guide to visiting the ancient sites of modern Egypt.
A journey to Egypt, a journey through time and space, as told by Mhyat, a Fedora, who witnessed and saw through the eyes of a God. Set in 1989, 1990, 2010 and 4000 years ago, in Egypt's Twelfth dysasty Before I tell you about my incredible adventures, I must explain that I am a Fedora hat! I am no ordinary hat. I am able to see, hear, smell, feel and even taste through the senses of the person wearing me. In fact, I can pick up on their thoughts, memories, dreams and even fears. I watch, listen...
Damage and Humanity in Custody is a study and comparison of the prison "experience" as described by inmates of HMP Blantyre House compared with their experience in maximum security prisons, based on the responses of inmates to a survey created by Jim Semple, Governor of HMP Blantyre House in the mid 1990's.
It was in Norwich prison whilst on remand in 1991 that Alun Buffry was approached by Jack Girling during a prison visit, and invited to help him and others form the Campaign to Legalise Cannabis International Association (CLCIA). In 1992, whilst on bail, the CLCIA was formed but it would not be until after Alun Buffry was released on parole in 1995, having served four-and-a-half years, that he started to dedicate himself to the cause of legalising the possession, cultivation and trade of...
Ever wondered what it's like to spend time in prison for helping not harming. This book may give an insight into the harm done by the system and how it could be changed to bring out the goodness.
In 1972 a small group of Britsh students set out in a cheap van with little money to travel to Turkey and two of them on to India through countries few visit as tourists or travellers today - from Turkey, through Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan,
Would you enter into a long forgotten mansion? One that many forgot where it was... ...but know its haunted. Once inside A game has started Between the living and the dead. The prize... ...your friend.


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