Post-Apocalypse Writers Phrase Book

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Book Summary

#1 bestselling author Jackson Dean Chase presents the perfect tool to inspire creativity for anyone writing apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, prepper and zombie fiction. You get over 4,000 radioactive ways to describe the end of the world, including: alien invasions, artificial intelligence, cosmic events, natural disasters, nanotechnology, nuclear war, plague, robots, and more! Everything you need to describe survivors, mutants, cyborgs, and societies from anarchy to utopias. Weapons, war, vehicles, bunkers, bomb shelters, looting, scavenging, radiation, dead bodies, dark emotions, and gore... the list goes on!


"...The perfect sentences to enhance your story."
--Derek Ailes, author of Zombie Command

"...Enough phrases to convey gasp-worthy terror, horror, and steer a tale in any direction..."
--Tome Tender

"An amazing book! A handy guide for any apocalyptic author."
--Kindle reviewer

"This is a great tool for inspiring writers."
--Kindle reviewer

"There is a terrific range of topics in the book for phrases concerning everything from animals to robots to zombies."
--Kindle reviewer

"...A useful tool for any writer tohave in their box of tricks. It's also a fun read and a way to kickstart your creative juices."
--Kindle reviewer

"This is a very handy tool for writing of any kind. ...there are a ton of great ideas... Ifyou're a writer, content creator, blogger, or just looking to expandyour knowledge and vocabulary, this is a really great piece of work."
--Kindle reviewer

About the Author

Award winning author/poet of over twenty #1 best sellers, including How to Start Your Novel, Young Adult Fiction Best Sellers, and Bukowski's Ghost.

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