Powering Startups from 1 to 10^6X by Growth Hacking: Exponential Growth Driver for Startups & Digital Marketers

Genre: Non Fiction, Young Adult

Book Summary

Powering Startups by Growth Hacking handbook will give you key insights regarding the effective Practical Techniques, Best Practices and Growth Hack Ideas that one can employ to drive their Startups from 1 to 10^6X Stage.

The handbook speaks about some of the Hacks that I have uncovered during my hands on experience and association with early stage Startups over the years. If you are looking for detailed theoretical aspects of Marketing, then this might not be the right book for you as this book is mostly about best Marketing Practices & their Practical application. It speaks about some highly effective Growth Techniques for Marketing Platforms like Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Whatsapp & SMS. Apart from that, the handbook also talks about some of the best Practices for Competitor Research, Digital Frameworks, Content and Digital Marketing.

This is my first handbook that I have jotted down from my experiences of Heading the Growth Vertical across early and mid sized Startups and driving the first Startup I was a founding member of, from scratch to getting acquired at INR 100 Cr Valuation. Do give it a read and I assure you wont regret it. The info shared in the book do worth in Millions if executed in the right way. This book is meant for Startups and Digital Marketers who intend to accelerate their growth exponentially.

About the Author

Amar is a Startup Enthusiast and a Growth Hacker with a keen appetite to learn and grow with every single day. He started his career with some of India’s top Brands - Tata Technologies & ICICI Bank. But his inclination towards Startup hustle dragged him out of the steady corporate world.

He was a Core Founding member and at quite an early age had donned the hat of ‘Head of Growth’ in a Home Rental Tech Startup - Fastfox.com, which eventually got acquired at 100 Cr Valuation. Post Fastfox he has been Heading the Growth Vertical in some of the India's top mid sized Startups and guiding them in their Growth Path.

Apart from Growth Hacking, in his spare time he loves playing cricket, chess and listening to music. He is an Electrical Engineering Graduate from NIT Surat and also holds a Masters Degree.

You can reach out to him anytime on LinkedIn or drop a mail on amar.nitsurat@gmail.com for any queries, suggestions, feedback or anything.

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