Protected by a Vampire

Genre: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller

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Sylvia Day J.R. Ward Christine Feehan Tina Folsom A.K. Michaels

Book Summary

When your favorite hero is a vampire...

Gage McAllister, the oldest vampire in The Lost Boys Rock Band, tries to stay away from the brave young woman who helped him recover from a debilitating stab wound five years ago. She reminds him of his past love and he vowed centuries ago to never go down that path again. Only he's constantly drawn to her. It's as though some invisible force keeps pushing him in her direction and his need to protect her is overwhelming.

Acelynn Baird finds Gage intriguing yet dangerous and knows she should stay clear of him. She senses something powerful about him and even though she has dabbled in witchcraft, she's not sure she's ready to discover the secrets that lurk under the cover of darkness. Except fate keeps shoving them together and that old attraction she had for him when she was just a kid only grows stronger with each encounter.

A past that haunts, a steamy desire that fuels the burn, and a passion like no other sizzles.


A glorious summer sizzle with a perfect slow burn! Vampires, witches, and wolves….oh my! I really, really, really love Gage’s and Ace’s story! And this one is a slow burn. But a perfect...slow...burn. Protected By a Vampire will not just be a memory for you. This is a must read and then a must re-read! Gimme more! Twinsie Talk Reviews

Wonderful addition to the series. Left me speechless. Immortal Hearts of San Francisco is one of my favorite vampire series. This story was so unique. I loved it!!! Gage is exposed thanks to bumps in the night with a beautiful young lady. Ace is a fantastic female character that is perfect in ways that I can't share. You just have to trust me when I say it will blow your mind. Amazon Review

Sensational book! It is very well written and has great characters. I love Gage and Ace they are perfect together. This is their story!! I just couldn't put this book down. Their love story is awesome, and you will be on the edge of your seat. It's full of action and a must read!!! I highly recommend this book!! Amazon Review

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