Raven Song (Book One of Inoki's Game)

Genre: Dystopian and Futuristic, Fantasy, General Fiction, Sci-fi

For Fans Of

Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, and Charlie Human

Book Summary

A century ago, the world burned. Even now, though rebuilt and defiant, civilization is still choking on the ashes.

Jackson, a smuggler, lives in the shadows, once a boy with no memory, no name, and no future. Ravens followed him, long-extinct birds only he could see, and nightmares flew in their wake. Once, Jackson thought himself to be one of the lucky few touched by magic, a candidate for the Order of Mages. He is a man now, and that dream has died. But, the ravens still follow. The nightmares still whisper in his ear.

Anna's life was under the sun, her future bright, her scientific work promising. She knew nothing of The Bombings, the poisoned world, or the occult. One day, she went to work, and the next, she awoke in a box over a hundred years in the future, screaming, fighting to breathe, and looking up into the eyes of a smuggler. Anna fears she's gone crazy, unable to fill the massive hole in her memories, and terrified of the strange abilities she now possesses.

The Coalition government has turned its watchful eyes towards them. The secret factions of the city move to collect them first. And, old gods stir in the darkness, shifting their pawns on the playing field. If Anna and Jackson wish to stay free, they must learn what they are and why they exist.

Unfortunately, even if they do, it may be too late.

Raven Song is the first of a four book adult-oriented dystopian fantasy series, a story of intrigue, love, violence, and the old spirits in the shadows who wait for us to notice them again. Readers of Neil Gaiman, Holly Black, and Charlie Human will enjoy this dark, suspenseful, magic-laced world rooted on the bones of what our world could become.


"Fresh, futuristic, dark, scary, and thrilling all at the same time." - Sydney Scrogham, author of Chase

"Such beauty blooms in the language and such mystery envelops the plot that the more you read, the more you fall in love with the pages." - Gayathri, Amazon reviewer

"The concepts of Chosen ones, superhuman magical abilities, world collapse and time travel aren't new, but Ashcroft gives them a special twist to create a story that is clever, intelligent, original and utterly engrossing." - Hannah Ross, author of the Quest of the Messenger series

"Raven Song does not wait long and throws the reader into an action adventure starring likable leads from the very start." - Moonike, Goodreads reviewer

"What a dark and beautiful fantasy!" - Stephanie, book blogger at Adventures Thru Wonderland

"The story of Jackson and Anna is one that was both touching and action packed. Smartly written with a smooth voice and an incredible talent for world building and storytelling, the author has really captured a great premise here. In fact, I was thrilled to see that this was only Book One in a series." - Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

"This is a surprising book. Not because it is well written (it is) and not just because it has an engaging plot that keeps you reading and wishing for more but rather because it is such an unusual concept… an excellent novel that is well worth reading if you want something different to the usual tropes." - D. A. Lascelles, author of "Gods of the Sea" and Transitions

"This being a debut book, blew me away. I do not ever do book reviews, but I wanted to let those who read them know, you must buy this book. It is gritty, fun, full of drama, and a little bit of love. All of the elements come together and are beautifully married to create the dystopian world full of complex, and varied characters." - Amazon Customer, 5 star review

About the Author

I. A. Ashcroft lives in in Phoenix, Arizona alongside a wonderful tale-spinner and two increasingly deranged cats, writing dark fantasy and science fiction all the while. The author enjoys reading and pretending to be other people while rolling dice and wearing fancy hats.

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