Genre: Action Adventure, Dystopian and Futuristic, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Sci-fi, Short Stories

Book Summary

I am a Reaper and Harvester.
Ruled by the Warriors of Guzon I have trained for over twenty years on my planet Ombidiron to be a Reaper Harvester.

A Reaper is trained to plant seeds on barren planets.

The Reaping begins after the season draws to an end and the seeds have grown into strong healthy plants.

The Sower masterfully plants the special seeds at the start of the season on the fertile soil.

When the harvest season arrives the Sower becomes the Reaper and gathers the abundance given forth by the soil of the planet.

The Warrior races of Guzon wipe entire planets of their inhabitants. Every creature and plant is destroyed on a captured planet.

The Gods of Frosho Never Sleep.
The Gods of Frosho were never silent.

These Gods were three large statues with grotesque countenances which looked down at the people from the mountain top.

These elaborately carved idols were worshipped by the people of the village and by all the natives of the planet.

The Gods of Frosho would speak in thunderous tones.

The voices of the Gods came from the mouths of the elders of the village.

About the Author

Warren is an Author who has written in several genres from fiction to non-fiction.
Warren Brown created the Storyteller series, which consists of novellas and short stories.
Warren is a certified Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. Warren is also interested in social media management, blogging, affiliate marketing, movies, reading fiction, non-fiction and superhero comics. Warren completed his Advertising and Copywriting training through American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI).
I love writing fiction. I have also published a book of seventy-five poems, titled “Lady of the Sea and other Poems.” This is a collection of poems on a variety of subjects from Elvis to the History of London. Warren is the winner of the "Henry Louis Vivian Derozio Poetry Award," 2004.
I have written and published my first debut novel, “Travelman”, which is available on Amazon. This book is about the power of the unconscious mind to enable anyone to travel beyond time and space. The mind is the most powerful and dynamic tool available to mankind.

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