Rebel Heart

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

Never trust a cowboy
Burned first by her dead husband, then a second time by the foreman Shannon hired, she's sworn off cowboys forever! Except – she can't run the ranch she now owns without help and lots of it. Despite her distrust, she knows she needs someone who knows ranching. Shannon hopes to get that help from a rodeo cowboy she's never met before—but only until she can operate her ranch on her own. Appealing to Jase Hart when he's down and out she parlays his friendship with her dead husband into an agreement to help her until he's fit again.

Footloose and carefree
No duties, no routine, no responsibilities—Jase Hart's a man living for the moment. After years of more responsibilities than any one man should have, he's following his own dream on the rodeo circuit. With a good shot at a chance at a winning season, he's temporarily sidelined by a few broken bones and cracked ribs. He never knew Bobby Blackstone was married, but when his widow shows up and asks for help, Jase's intrigued. And throws in with her plan—as long as they both know he's only there temporarily until he's fit to ride again.

All bets are off
When her ranch is threatened, Jase makes an astonishing proposition. If Shannon agrees, it will change their lives forever.

About the Author

For many years I wrote for Mills & Boon and Harlequin. A few years ago I branched out to indie books and really enjoy that process. I write sweet romance novels, a few inspirational ones and every once in a while branch out to one that's a bit more sensual if the story calls for it.

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