Rebel (Recoil Trilogy Book 3)

Genre: Young Adult

Book Summary

Can you win a war without losing yourself?

Sixteen year-old online gamer Jinxy James has been trained as an expert sniper in the war against a terrorist-spread plague which has decimated the USA. Now she’s a wanted fugitive, on the run with a rebel splinter group, risking everything to save and protect her loved ones.

Jinxy has never wanted to hurt or kill, but the rebels are determined to uncover the truth about The Game, the government, and ASTA’s sinister activities, whatever the cost. She will need all her courage, skill and strength if she hopes to help liberate the nation from the second war, without betraying herself, or her love.

Rebel is the third book in the Recoil Trilogy (young adult dystopian romance) and follows on from Recoil and Refuse. It begins immediately after the exciting ending of Refuse. Buy it now to complete the compelling story of Jinxy and Quinn, and the forces determined to bring them down and tear them apart.


"Best of the genre. A lot of reviews note that this series is part of the genre inhabited by The Hunger Games and Divergent. This series, though, is superior - with much better character development. The series finale is the best written." -Amazon reviewer

"I wish I could give it more than five stars! The final installment in Jinxy and Quinn's story couldn't possibly be more perfect! Quinn and Jinx as a couple continue to be completely adorable. The stakes are higher than ever. Jinx continues to wrestle with the morality, and the consequences, of her choices. Bruce continues to be... well, Bruce. Evyan, Neil, Cameron, Sofia, Robin, Leya, Sarge, Roberta, and Tallullah are all here. And as usual, the action kept me on the edge of my seat, made me laugh out loud, and occasionally, brought me to tears."

"Loved This! I've been waiting impatiently for Rebel ever since I read Recoil and Refuse. This is a fabulous trilogy, and Rebel makes for a wonderful end to the series. What I've loved best throughout is the characters - and the interaction between them which is gloriously rich and nuanced. The pace was gloriously speedy, and then the heist theme made for a brilliant, pulse-raising finale. An excellent book and a thrilling ending to the Recoil Trilogy, this is (imo) the best of the three. " - Paisley Piranha Book Blog

"Don't hesitate - read them! One of the best trilogies I have ever read! And it's saying a lot that each book gets better. I want to bottle up these characters and take them home and make them my friends forever! The fun dialogue this book packs, it's fantastic!" - Verified reviewer

"Best one yet! The final instalment is the best one yet! What they find out about The Game is really scary and makes me wonder about my own world. I followed the group as they went underground and fought a war they never chose. Their love, friendship, pain and their courage." -Verified reviewer

"Superb end to a suspense-filled dystopian thriller - highly recommended! It is an action-packed thriller with romance, suspense and drama packed into it - a story that would make a superb film IMHO!" - Splashes into Books Blog

"Fantastic ending to a fantastic trilogy. What an epic conclusion to this story! There were so many moments that left me breathless and in suspense that I had to continue to know what happens! Definitely one of my favourite dystopian series and favourite authors. Thrilling, action packed, fast paced and 'on fleek'!" ­-Verified reviewer

"Rebel with a cause. Macgregor completes the Recoil trilogy with a breathtaking read. Book 1 saw Jinxy James trained as a soldier, Book 2 saw her run from the company that is using her in an unjust war, in Book 3 she takes the fight to them. Jinxy, Quinn and their team (which includes some of the most interesting minor characters from the first books who have now joined the fight) find that the Game is even more dangerous than they suspected. Jinxy must face her fears, be willing to step up and lead, while trying to navigate the need to rebel with a reluctance to use violence. Macgregor has crafted a compelling series, with fast-paced action and compelling characters. It is highly recommended." - Amazon reviewer

About the Author

When not writing, Joanne Macgregor is a counselling psychologist in private practice where she works mainly with victims of crime and trauma.

Although she lives in the frenetic adrenaline-rush of the big city, Joanne has always been in love with nature, and escapes into the wilds whenever she can. She's a Harry Potter fanatic, bakes the best choc-chip cookies on the planet, and is addicted to chilies and bulletproof coffee.

She started her professional life as a high school English teacher and loves writing about, and for, teens. She is the author of several books for Young Adults, including Hushed, Recoil, Refuse, Rebel, Scarred, and - for younger YA readers - Turtle Walk, Rock Steady and Fault Lines.

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