Rebel Without A Clue (Planet Hyman Series Book 1)

Genre: Humour, Sci-fi

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Book Summary

Mex had been looking forward to a well-earned retirement after saving planet Hy Man from men. But now, thanks to Beryl, she has been sent on a mission that will ruin her career with a robot who rubs her up the wrong way...

Beryl is the leader of planet Hy Man and fighting to remain so. Beryl is desperate, the planet’s energy is on its last legs and chapping at her heels to take over is the ruthless Hilda. A woman with a personality as bad her haircut and will do anything to get her way...

“Quickly” said H2 but before she had time to flick a switch Hilda’s voice boomed from the roof of the shed as she stood astride it like superhero with a cape flapping in the wind.

“New hairdo” she shouted?

Beryl continued to fumble with the exit button; how the pickle egg did she get up there?

“Let me,” said Hilda pulling her famous whip into the air. “After all we need to send down the best, the most discreet but course all on a shoe string budget ...”

A Rebel without a Clue is the first in a series of Sc Fi s’ where every hero is a woman and all mature enough to know better.


I enjoyed this book very much. I found myself laughing and nodding in agreement as I progressed.The characters were well written and the authors observations of life in Glasgow were very entertaining. I am definitely looking forward to the next episode to find out what the motley crew get up to

About the Author

Back in the days before TV had remote controls and Scotland was known for the Bay City Rollers Kerrie left Australia on a working holiday and fell in love with many things Scottish, along with belly dancing. After years of teaching belly dancing, Kerrie decided to write some of her experiences down in a series of stories called Belly Dancing and Beyond; novels about women who at one time or another went to Nefertiti’s belly dancing class.

Kerrie creates for fun and for readers who like hope with a quirky, twist. A mature woman who has been around the block too many times to count; Kerrie doesn’t ‘beat around the bush’ when it comes to her characters.

‘I like them earthy, ordinary and believable. I like to throw them in at the deep end and see what comes up, hopefully a surprise for everyone.’

‘Why reach for the stars, moon and a six pack when the real mystery is staring at you in the Co-op? I see spice in the ordinary, compassion in the indifferent and farcical in the routine. I want to create believable, earthy fantasies filled with hope, fun and a quirky, twist of spice and I want to make people laugh out loud.’

In her spare time Kerrie likes to paint pictures of round women, and dance under the influence of a glass of bubble- often accompanied by storytelling and the odd joke. Kerrie has, in the past inflicted her quirky style of humor on many- including the Edinburgh free fringe, community radio, several rest homes and pretty much anyone who sits still long enough to listen.
Kerrie regularly blogs "A writer's life" and 'The Diary Of An Android" at and love visitors.

Kerrie has been shortlisted by the Ashram short story prize, and had two radio plays performed, one community radio and one for BBC Scotland.

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