Reckoning Daze

Genre: General Fiction

For Fans Of

Bret Easton Ellis, Less Than Zero, Chuck Palahniuk, Francesca Lia Block, The Hanged Man, Violet & Claire, Marya Hornbacher, Wasted

Book Summary

"An actress is always a starving artist," so says Lindsay Harmon-Foster, a talented but struggling Los Angeles actress in Michael Beaulieu's gripping debut novel Reckoning Daze.

Lindsay, 19, a former star of a critically acclaimed but canceled series, is now doing a pilot that might prove to be the role of a lifetime, but her anorexia and other habits could kill her before she's cast for the full series. Although she has long been self-destructive, she's never been more so than now, making her a threat to herself and others. Aside from losing the show she loved, she thought she had found her soulmate in a rising music star named Jesse, but he committed suicide and she blames herself. Will she land the new series and allow herself to find love again with an actor named Marc or will addictions – and suppressed family secrets – make her die hard?

While Lindsay's demons are portrayed with unflinching honesty, the way she views Los Angeles and the business is often comical. If you like Bret Easton Ellis and Chuck Palahniuk, you'll find Reckoning Daze's blend of high drama and satire to be a perfect mix of laughs and suspense. Get it today and find out whether or not Lindsay's dreams come true.

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About the Author

Prior to writing novels, Michael Beaulieu wrote 30 original screenplays, many of which he hopes to someday make as independent films. (His screenplay Do Not Disturb was a quarter-finalist in the PAGE Screenwriting Awards.) He wrote his first novel, Reckoning Daze, when he was an anorexic living in Los Angeles. Suffice to say it was not much of a stretch for him to write the satirical book from the point of view of an anorexic actress, Lindsay Harmon-Foster. While the way Lindsay views the movie business is often hilarious, her eating disorder is portrayed as nothing less than harrowing. In addition to writing novels, Michael is the owner and primary interviewer of Love is Pop (, a music and pop culture site, which he's now interviewing authors for. He lives in Dracut, Massachusetts, which borders Lowell, birthplace of one of his favorite writers, Jack Kerouac. His roommates are his cat, Mister White, and his turtle, Johnny Rocket. His next project will be a young adult, urban fantasy series about teenage witches called Book of Shadows.

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