Red Herring

Genre: Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

Run and hide...
Over and over again, the images — mere pieces of what happened that day — flashed through Tess' mind. The gun in her hand, a man bleeding and writhing in agony on the ground, and her missing mother's utterly terrified face. Desperate to get far, far away from all the tumult, she fled and eventually nestled into a remote corner on the island of Cuba, convinced that no one would ever come looking for her. But she was dead wrong about that.

Find her and bring her to justice...
It was a case that plagued Detective James Sullivan's mind for the better part of a year. How could this woman have polished off her entire family and then just vanish? The question kept him up on most nights. But if there was one thing he knew for sure, it was that she — whoever she was — would not continue to evade the law. Not on his watch. He would do what he needed to do to hunt her down and bring her in. Even if it meant bending a few rules.

Find her and kill her...
Victor wasn't new to the game. He'd done some downright sadistic things and had seen even worse. He'd been all over the world, assassinating members of royal families, making people disappear in the most astonishing ways. But never in his life had he been part of anything as bizarre as this job. His employer's instructions were crystal clear. Find the woman in the photo and bring her to him alive and well. He would dispose of her himself. But the longer Victor remained on the job, the more he questioned whether his employer really wanted his mark dead.

Red Herring is the frantic, fast-paced, final installment to the thrilling White Rabbit Trilogy. Pick it up today to find out how the series ends. Hint: it's not the way you think.

About the Author

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