Redemption Through Forgiveness: How God Used My Mental Illness To Save Me

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder and other mental illnesses, Lisa created personalities as a child to help her survive trauma and abuse. As an adult, she finally meets her alters and finds that they are Christian alters whom God will use to help her understand His great love and mercy toward her. It is when God gives Lisa one of the most difficult challenges of her life – forgiving the person she hates most in the world, her mother – that she learns how to accept God’s forgiveness and salvation.

About the Author

Born and raised in Illinois, Lisa Slaton has been a Christian for 30 years. After graduating from Columbia College at the age of 42, she obtained BA's in Psychology and Human Services. Lisa has worked in the health care field since she was a teenager. She is single and lives with her fur babies - six cats and two dogs. When she is not writing, Lisa likes to listen to music from the 1970's and watch Korean soap operas.

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