Refrain - A Vampire Blood Courtesan Romance, Neriza

Genre: Mystery, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller, Short Stories, Urban Fantasy

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Book Summary

It's not supposed to be about love ... until it is.

One fateful night changed my life forever and brought secrets to light I never could have imagined, leaving me parentless, penniless, and caring for an ailing sister. My father was not the man I thought I knew, and his greed and sickness have left me with virtually nothing to use to care for my sister and get her the treatments she needs to maybe one day walk again. And now, we might lose our house, as well.

Luckily, an ad in the paper helps me regain some hope. I have something to barter with that not many courtesans have, after all, and it just might be enough to earn what’s needed to secure my future as a successful Blood Courtesan. My first client turns out to be the man of my dreams, the sexy-as-sin vampire rock star I’ve lusted after since I was a teen, but he wants nothing to do with me or what I have to offer.

My father’s misdeeds continue to haunt me and I’m left with only one option: I need to make the talented and headstrong Lyric Rivers desire me, or lose everything. Maybe even my life.

The Blood Courtesans Series, where vampires are real, rich, powerful--and hungry.
Blood is bought and sold like fine wine, and the best blood goes to the highest bidder.

Originally published in the Blood Courtesans Boxed Set: Awakenings.


5 stars
Fantasy becomes reality. Love the blood courtesan series, this author knows how to write vampire romance. Just enough intensity and danger to live up to the vampire life without going overboard into the gory. The storyline at times flows a bit lyrical and also has its steamy & humorous moments. Very convincing...Loved it!!! -- Amazon Review

5 stars
Fantastic addition to the Blood Courtesans world. I love the world of the Blood Courtesans. Lyric had his reasons for his phobia about taking her blood, but how is Neriza supposed to NOT take that personally? That girl had the weight of the world on her shoulders and she was not backing down. I liked that a lot about her. I loved Neriza's solution to Lyric's phobia. This was a prime example of the type of book I love to read. The betrayal and pure evil of someone very close to Lyric and Neriza will try to destroy them both. -- Amazon Review

5 stars
Excellent read. I love these books. I love the storylines and the characters that fit so well with them. She sure has her problems and he has a haunted past that comes between them. No spoilers. I couldn't put it down. I highly recommend this. It has so many twists and turns in it and is exciting, suspenseful, emotional and so much more. -- Amazon Review

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