Remember Me?

Genre: Mystery

For Fans Of

Detective stories with puzzle twists. If you like Morse, Barnaby and Dalgliesh, and other British police detectives, you'll like DI Peter Greene and DC Terry Ford. If you like stories by Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh, Colin Dexter, Caroline Graham and PD James, then this mystery set in a small town of Faukon Abbey in Devon should be on your reading list right now!

Book Summary

“Remember Me?” is the first book in the Faukon Abbey Mystery series. What happens when your past catches up with you? If what you did then, shows up now?  A man is found dead in Tersel Woods, with no identification, not even a mobile phone. Who is he? And why would anybody kill him? Faukon Abbey CID officers, DI Greene and DC Ford and their friend Carter, a journalist at Abbey Chronicle uncover all hidden tragedies, murder being just one.  They uncover what really happens behind the old town elegant facades – where crimes go unseen and unreported because they don’t happen to people like us – – Or do they? And what happens when we find out? What happens when Pandora’s box is opened and revenge is unleashed?


"A.K. Lakelett can certainly hang a good tale together, and if you let yourself, you’ll soon be captivated by these interesting and very British characters in their very British situations. She brings to life a small-town “Midsomer Murders” ambiance with very real characters.”

About the Author

Author of Faukon Abbey Mysteries.

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