Genre: Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

Estranged from his wife and working a dead end job, Nick Devlyn is introduced to a pleasurable coping mechanism that allows him to re-live past memories from the confines of the Parlor. The man responsible for this world of potent drugs and fringe technology is Sid Johar, a self-proclaimed healer of wounded souls. What begins as a harmless recollection exercise, Nick soon must make sense of disturbing discoveries.

About the Author

I used to love creative writing as a kid. Then one very influential college professor put an end to everything — at least for many years. I re-discovered my love to tell stories in 2002 when I began writing short and feature-length screenplays. With an unexpected move to Texas, I decided to begin a blog and write my first novel. I very much enjoyed the process and novel #3 will publish in early 2017. Every writer has their own unique style and therefore appeal to certain types of readers. I enjoy writing fast paced, suspense, thriller and mysteries. Often there is a psychological or sci-fi element that permeates a modern day setting. Thanks for reading! My author website is at

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