Remorseless: A British Crime Thriller (Doc Powers & D.I. Carver Investigate #1)

Genre: Suspense Thrillers

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Readers have also favourably compared Will Patching's Remorseless to Iain Banks' Wasp Factory, Misery by Stephen King, and the Hannibal Lecter novels by Thomas Harris. James Patterson, Mo Hayder, Alex Karva, Dean Kootz, Jeffrey Deaver, Stuart MacBride, Val McDermid, Quentin Jardine, Stephen Booth, Peter Robinson, Minette Walters, Brett Easton Ellis, Iain Banks (Wasp Factory), Stephen King (Misery), the Hannibal Lecter novels by Thomas Harris and many more!

Book Summary

The first in this disturbing trilogy following the fortunes of a forensic psychiatrist and a UK detective as they tackle some of the worst psychopaths you would never want to meet!

Doc Powers, a criminal profiler tormented by guilt over his role in the death of his wife, is haunted by nightmares involving the evil men he has helped convict. When a face from the past invades his life again, he is reluctantly dragged back into the role he came to despise.

Will he overcome his personal demons in time to prevent a violent killer from taking revenge on those he blames for his incarceration – including Doc himself?

Find out in this uniquely “dark and disturbing” psychological crime thriller.

Ebook Skill "Mystery and Thriller of the Year, 2017"

Remorseless has hundreds of five star reviews across all retailers, with an average of 4.4* on Amazon UK from almost 400 reviews...

“Not for the faint-hearted!” (Five Star Amazon reviewer.)

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About the Author

Will Patching writes gritty crime stories that mix murder mystery, psychological suspense and intense thrills while offering unique insights into the darker side of human nature. His ‘pull no punches’ style and sparse but often brutal descriptive passages will not suit all readers, so if you are into cozy mysteries you might want to look elsewhere!

With complex plots and rounded characters, Will’s novels are necessarily longer than average, usually well over 100,000 words, so these are definitely stories designed for readers who like to really get their teeth into a good yarn!

Now considered something of an expert on psychopaths, thanks to his extensive research and personal experience of people with this personality disorder, Will set up a popular website to help lay readers understand these destructive individuals and why their existence is so important to society in general. Please copy and paste into your browser to visit the site:

Will’s writing draws heavily on this expertise but his novels are designed to entertain rather than educate – though many readers appreciate both aspects of his writing. He is currently working on completing two trilogies, though each novel is a self-contained story.

The first novel in each trilogy, Remorseless and The Hack, are already published, with the sequels due in late 2016 and early 2017 respectively. The third and final installments are expected by the end of 2017.

Personal background:

Will Patching was born and raised in ‘Sarf Lunnon’, Engerland, or at least, that’s how he pronounces it! Hence, many scenes from his novels are situated in London, the surrounding suburbs and other parts of southeast England, though they also span as far afield as Thailand and the USA.

His approach to writing is to hit the reader with hard truths about the world we live in, and his mysteries, thrillers, and suspense novels are designed to get your pulse pounding. One male reader decided he needed to check his door locks late one night while reading Remorseless and subsequently commented on social media:

‘Seriously scary!’

Will’s eclectic professional experience – from his teenage role as a ‘gardener’ weeding sewage treatment filter beds, through flying a Hawk jet very fast, very low and very dangerously before the RAF realised and booted him out, then attending Harvard on a course for potential CEOs, largely thanks to the Peter Principle of promotion, and more recently, to building his dream, a charter yacht that later sank in SE Asian waters – all have led to a rich and varied life, often reflected in his writing.

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