Resilience: A story of surviving serious medical conditions and living life to the fullest

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

There is a turning point in everyone’s lives. Nobody knows when that point will come or at what age, but it will be a phase for you to learn. Just like every single one of us, the writer of this book went through the roughest phase and came out on top by sticking to her heart and soul. Doctor Patricia Scott, a doctor who is ready to inspire the masses with her new book, Resilience, writes the book. In this book, Doctor Patricia Scott shares the strategies based on her experience as an occupational therapy researcher and academician, which successfully allowed her to live a productive life. It will talk about how in the face of two liver transplants, spinal cancer, a medically induced stroke, and complicated autoimmune pneumonia, she earned a Ph.D. and is a celebrated teacher and an internationally recognized scholar. The book is inspirational for those interested in learning about how one woman refused to give in to a barrage of unwelcome and unanticipated life events. It is also chock full of lessons learned about how to face the uncertainty of survival. In addition, how to fight the seductive dependency of the health care system.

About the Author

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