Resurrecting Hope

Genre: Romance, Romantic Suspense Thriller

Book Summary

I’m broken.
I’m hiding.
I’m not the woman he claims he loves.
Hope Moon is a figment, a fairy tale. A single mom with sunny smiles on the outside, but whose pitch-black insides are riddled with demons.
I can’t look him in the face, can’t tell him who I am.
If I let my guard down, Jack will find me.
Jack’s wrath left me bound in hell.
Can Hank’s love set me free?

I’ve been hurt.
I’ve been used.
I’ve been betrayed.
But Hank Lawless isn’t a man to be trifled with.
Hope Moon has caught me like a fly in a web. Her gaze is haunted, her moves calculated. There’s more to the dark haired beauty than meets the eye. She’s hiding something.
I need to find a way to break down her defenses.
I vowed to walk beside her through her own personal hell.
But is my love enough to free her from it?


"Ms. Anthony definitely delivered a sexy, intriguing and well written story. I highly recommend Resurrecting Hope to all who enjoy suspenseful romance. I rate this book 5 absolute stars and can't wait for the next offering from this author." - Nikki K. (Tasty Wordgasms)
"This was an emotional, dark, and heartwarming story and I look forward to searching out more books by this skilled writer." - Sheena (Summer's Eve Reads)
"Jane Anthony has done it again this book is an absolute page-turnerr. Resurrecting Hope has blown me away. It's darker than Jane's normal books but OMG so amazingly good and I didn't want it to end." - Jen (Jenz Book Jewelz)
"Resurrecting Hope was a great, and emotional story that I couldn't get enough of. Diabolical twists and turns kept me on my toes, with heart racing, screaming f-bombs left and right, especially when things came to a head." - Jennifer Pierson (The Power of Three Readers)
"There are so many emotions that tumble through you while following Hank and Hope's journey I can't even begin to explain it. There was so much passion, love, and anguish in this story I couldn't put it down." - Author Dani Rene'

About the Author

Jane Anthony is a romance author, fist pumping Jersey-girl, and hard rock enthusiast. She resides in the 'burbs of New Jersey with her husband and children. A lover of Halloween, vintage cars, & coffee, she’s also an encyclopedia of useless 80's knowledge and trivia. When not writing, she's an avid reader, concert goer, and party planner extraordinaire.

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