Return to Limerick

Genre: Children

Book Summary

This fairy tale is about the garden animals of Gizelda the witch. She hasn't returned to the house for over a hundred years. Macy the bunny sees Gizelda first and the word gets out to all the garden animals. Everyone in the garden heard the stories of the past where Gizelda ravaged the animals of the garden. They begin missions to find out how to destroy a witch that has powerful magic testing every animals courage. Gizelda isn't easy to destroy and most that have tried landed trapped in her magic book. But the animals are determined to try and their fight against Gizelda brings them together in a way they never were before.

A fairy tale for all ages, a new experience for you and your child through a long novel that has an ending unlike any fairy tale written and created for a new era.

About the Author

Science fiction, fantasy, romance and fairy tale author who embarked on the self publishing track after spending some time in the literary submission track. Having a great experience now with over 1000 people having read my stories and not one negative review.

I write only original stories no re-telling stories. I also write short fiction and flash fiction in other genres including thriller, paranormal and horror.

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