Revolution:An Amber Mills Family Saga

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Historical Thrillers

Book Summary

Fate brings about a huge change in the life of Obadiah Shaw, the sturdy fourteen-year-old son of a smallholder. He saves the life of Mary Ellison, the niece of a small industrialist and accepts a job at his Hosiery workshop. Thus begins the rise of Obadiah Shaw from farm labourer to factory owner and a pioneer of the Industrial Revolution.

Obadiah marries Mary and together with their partners, Arkwright and Strutt, they build the first successful cotton spinning mill in the world. They bring about the repeal of the Calico Act, allowing the manufacture of cotton fabrics, thus resulting in huge demand for spun cotton yarn.

With their shared vision of a different sort of factory community, the Shaws oversee the change from a small hosiery business to a multifaceted group called Amber Mills, incorporating hosiery knitting, fine cotton spinning, weaving, and haute couture.

Rivals since childhood with Billy Sutcliffe, Obadiah's rise to wealthy mill owner, fuels Billy's envy. Following several encounters, rivalry turns to hate and Billy, whose life is falling apart, sets out to wreak havoc and vengeance on Obadiah.

What follows is a battle for survival.

About the Author

I was born and raised in Derbyshire and matured in Yorkshire, England, where I spent a lot of my working life as a Chief Colourist, a Senior Manager in both the Textile and Chemical industries, a Science Teacher and a University Lecturer among other things.
A well-known speaker on the Elizabethan Era and the History of English Glassmaking, I spend my time writing Tudor Historical novels, of which I have to date, written four books in a series about the Tudor Queen's Glassmaker. The books are fast paced, adventure stories, with a strong love interest. A key element is the setting in Venice and London, during the 16th century, which are brought to life, in sights and sounds, keeping as accurately as possible, to the historical facts, around which the story is woven.
Recently, inspired by my background in textiles, I began a new series about the Industrial Revolution in the Cotton Spinning Mills,. These were the first spinning mills in the World and were built in the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire. The importance of the mills is reflected in their World Heritage status. Belper Mill rebuilt in 1803-4, by William Strutt, is the earliest example of a fire proof construction.
The fictional series will be called Amber Mills, which is an Arkwright style mill on the River Amber, a tributary of the River Derwent. The first book, scheduled to be published next year, is provisionally titled Amber Mills Revolution, The First Generation.

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