Rose of Anzio Book One - Moonlight

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Historical Thrillers

Book Summary

Summer 1940. Fourteen-year-old Tessa Graham finds herself in a new, unfamiliar world. For her safety, she is sent from England to Chicago to live with the prominent Ardley family just before the London Blitz. Stifled by the ways of the rich, she is soon drawn to the city’s infamous South Side. A world filled with jitterbug dancing, and intrigues of the powerful Irish community. But is his the escape she really wants?

Meanwhile, on the University of Chicago campus, eighteen-year-old Anthony Ardley has to make a choice. His country stands at the brink of war. Conscription threatens to become reality. As sole heir to the Ardley fortune, should he stand with his beloved uncle, a staunch isolationist, or join his radical classmates clamouring for American intervention?

A coming of age tale that emerges into an epic love story, this book takes you back to Chicago in the pre-war era, when two young people must find their paths in a world that is fast falling out of control.


"I liked Tessa as she decided from the start she is who she is, and she didn't back down from being her own person. She is both brave and vulnerable. I don't normally read this genre, but to be honest, this is one book I'm glad I read."  - Archaeolibrarian

"Rose of Anzio is a stunning, superlative collection of works finished to an enviably high standard, from the covers through to the narratives, dialogue and the absolute realism borne of an insightful, historically accurate and details-driven author." -

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About the Author

Alexa is thrilled to share with you her debut novel series, the "Rose of Anzio", a WWII love story that spans the period between 1940 to 1945 that is also a tribute to all the brave soldiers who fought in the Battle of Anzio during WWII. Alexa grew up in New York City and is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. She has traveled to more than 123 cities, and she loves to explore new places and different cultures. When not at work, she lives a second life as a novelist. Her favorite romantic tales are "Romeo and Juliet", "Gone with the Wind", "Titanic", "Candy Candy" by Japanese author and poet Keiko Nagita, and "Love in the Fallen City" by Chinese author Eileen Chang. Alexa loves larger-than-life love stories, and hopes to bring you many more.

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