Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan

Genre: General Fiction, Historical Fiction

For Fans Of

Willa Cather, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Marilynne Robinson

Book Summary

Why did she edit her wedding-day journal? 

Almost-spinster schoolteacher Rosette Cordelia Ramsdell married Otis Churchill on a Michigan farm in 1857. Her real-life journal recounts two years of homesteading, history hints at the next six decades, and the novel explores the truth. We meet Rosette in 1888 as she revises the wedding-day page of her journal. In lush detail, in the voices of Rosette and others, the novel traces how we both choose and suffer our destiny, how hopes come to naught and sometimes rise from the wreckage.

In a style reminiscent of Willa Cather, in a family saga that recalls the work of Marilynne Robinson, this novel brings us enduring themes of human life as Rosette and her friends and family make the most of the American pioneer life first detailed for most of us by Laura Ingalls Wilder. One reviewer says this story "makes an anonymous woman equal to the most celebrated hero of legend."



"Rosette is a remarkable work, a tale well-spun. With every successive wave of joy and sorrow, loss and longing, regret and resolve, broken hearts and healing hearts, readers will be swept into this powerful story and it intimately drawn cast of characters, as I was. Cindy Marsch's writing style is often breathtakingly beautiful, but never purple (quite the writing feat). This is a provocative and delightful novel, not to be missed." 
--George Grant, author of The Courage and Character of Theodore Roosevelt and many other titles

"I sat enthralled as I read and couldn't put the novel down. It recalls the work of Willa Cather or Laura Ingalls Wilder with the wonderful details of Rosette's day-to-day life in the structure of the journal. The style just suits the subject, with an impressive capturing of the 19th-century voices. Cindy Marsch alludes to the deeper feelings and underlying tensions in a way that the reader knows what is happening without the characters actually saying it. Rosette's version of her story is moving, her brother and mother add perspective, and her husband Otis reveals his control, his separateness." 
--Joy O'Toole, Central Rappahannock Regional Library, Virginia

"Rosette is a wonderfully written, engaging book. I am amazed at Cindy Marsch's ability to voice each of these characters believably, with light but appropriate use of metaphor, and I enjoyed living in their time. The story moves ahead at just the right moment, before we get overwhelmed with daily life. Rosette's marriage really is interesting, and I cannot wait to read the follow-up research. Perhaps with the publishing of Pioneer Girl the time is right for this novel." 
--Cindy Ward Rollins, recipient of the 2016 Russell Kirk Paideia Prize, CiRCE Institute

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About the Author

I have been a writing instructor for over three decades and recently had opportunity to begin writing myself. I published *Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan* and the short story "Blizzard: A Story of Dakota Territory" in 2016 and plan to publish *Solomon Ramsdell: A Novel of the Civil War Era* in 2017. I also offer author services via Moraine's Edge Books - all levels of editing, proofreading, limited free reviews, and book cover and interior illustration and design (through my artist daughter).

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