Samurai Sudoku - 101 Easy Puzzles

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Samurai Sudoku - 101 Easy Puzzles
Easy Samurai Sudoku Puzzles Volume 1

Are you ready to go beyond classical Sudoku puzzles to enter the world of Samurai Sudoku ?
This Sudoku variant offers five overlapping Sudoku grids in a single puzzle.

After our "Samurai Sudoku For Beginners" book, this book is the next level:
the puzzles in the first book required only two solving techniques ("Last empty cell in a group" and "Only one possible cell in a box for a digit") while the puzzles in this new book also require a third technique ("Only one possible cell in a row or a column for a digit").

  • Large book format and only one puzzle per page
  • Clear explanation of the rules
  • Basic tutorial to solve easy puzzles
  • 101 easy puzzles
  • Complete puzzle symmetry
  • Solutions for all puzzles (one page away from the puzzle)
  • Stronger delimitation for boxes (especially useful when working on overlapping areas)

This will provide you hours of entertainment.

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