Samurai Sudoku For Beginners: Your First 101 Samurai Puzzles With Explanations

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Samurai Sudoku For Beginners
Your First 101 Samurai Puzzles With Explanations

Are you ready to go beyond classical Sudoku puzzles to enter the world of Samurai Sudoku ? This Sudoku variant offers five overlapping Sudoku grids in a single puzzle.
This book is the perfect introduction for beginners to this kind of puzzles:

  • Large book format and only one puzzle per page
  • Clear explanation of the rules
  • Basic tutorial to solve simple puzzles
  • 101 simple puzzles
  • Complete puzzle symmetry
  • Solutions for all puzzles (one page away from the puzzle)
  • Stronger delimitation for boxes (especially useful when working on overlapping areas)

This will provide you hours of entertainment.

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