Sandhya and Arambh

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

An Indian couple Sandhya and Arambh, decide to face their demons once and for all. It is a tale of staunch faith and commitment. It is about taking responsibility and not running away. Sandhya and Arambh were happy in their own lair, they had built a nest of their own in a concrete jungle. Still they have a deep sense of lack in their lives, and that is, not having the blessings of their loved ones back in the hometown. This couple is not the one to settle down with a compromise. They won't kill their dreams as well for the sake of others. Nor would they cut off anymore. That feeling triggers a appease their parents. Their fears scale new heights yet they find courage to act on what they think is right, to be understood not just accepted by their loved ones. We all have a right to choose and families are all about building bonds not breaking ties, isn't it?
This fast-paced story isn't about the appeasement process but the bitter-sweet romance of the couple and their desire to include everyone they love in their happiness.
The journey, the peppy dialogues, the fast pace, this quick-to-read romance will keep you upbeat from start to finish. With humor that is original and queer to the couple and their romantic core, Sandhya and Arambh will thrill you with their one-liners and quick retorts when they fight amorously with words.
Does love conquer all?
We do not know. But to follow the call of the heart and be courageous enough to do that putting aside all your conditioning and psychological backlogs behind is exactly what most couples find hard. Most stories end before they start leaving a trail of guilt, regret and shame. It is time to question what is wrong? Not following the convention or not following what makes you happy? Just saying.

About the Author

Yashi Singh is an author and a poet. Her first book was a romantic shortstory titled Sandhya and Arambh. Her poetry collection, The Black Rose Blossoms is a carefully crafted work arranged in various sections which allude to the phase in the life of a Gothic, dark black rose in wilderness. The anthology depicts the journey of the young bud from being a fragile floret to a spiritual blossom. The treatment is both spiritual and metaphysical. Her self-improvement book Thinking the Right Way is about how to find a balance in life and juggle different goal. Not only that but also strategically planning your goals and how to achieve them in a time-bound manner. Her spiritual fiction The Hermit is for those seeking answers. It is a quest of three lost souls who desperately want some divine Presence to unlock the puzzles in their head.

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