Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship

Genre: Children, Humour, Sci-fi

Book Summary

Includes an audiobook, free when you download this Kindle edition!

Eight year old Sascha Martin is always inventing things, so he knows how they work. Mostly. For class news time he brings in a rocket that towers over everyone, including the teacher … but he's written "Don't touch!" on it, so what could possibly go wrong?

"The story is 'poetry in motion' for rocket ships! Manuela Pentangelo has visually interpreted John's verse with all the best icons from rocketry and science in the gorgeous illustrations." Samantha Ridgway, scientist, mother, and record-holding Australian rocketeer.

This children’s picture book is ideal for kids aged 8-10, but readers of all ages, from beginners to preteens to adults, will love this wild, funny, deliciously silly adventure wrapped in rhyming verse and Manuela Pentangelo’s beautiful full colour artwork. And should your own voice falter from reading Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship aloud, you’ll find a link to the free audiobook inside.

"Delightful, rhyming story that keeps your fingers turning the pages." E. C. Kraeft, author of White Castle (Book One in her children’s book series Elf Kingdoms).

"I am the mother to an energetic young reader that loves all things books. I am constantly looking for new titles that we can read together and I believe I have struck gold with this one! … I was pleasantly surprised to discover the book rhymed throughout (we love rhymes!) and I must add that they are very well done! This book does a great job at turning an already fun story into one that you can practically sing together (which does wonders with a toddler!!)." Thomai Dion, author of the Think-a-Lot Tots early science readers.

Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship is the first in a fun new series of children’s science fiction action and adventure books, about a kid who knows just enough to be really, really dangerous!

Keep an eye out for Sascha Martin’s Time Machine, the second book in the series, in eBooks and print, and a surprisingly interactive Kindle edition.

“It’s scary fun!” Luca Blanco, Sascha Martin’s best friend.

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About the Author

For many years I was a teacher; then a website entrepreneur, but that business disappeared in a single night. Now I work each day for a large organisation, and live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Two of my adult children are also in Sydney. The other has moved to Melbourne. (I know! Why?)

As an adult reader, I’m most drawn to books that involve mystery and suspense. But I also love a good laugh. One of my all-time favourite books is Lucky Jim, by Kingsley Amis. I'm enjoying books by Ty Hutchinson at the moment.

Science fiction and crime are my go-to genres for mystery and suspense. I take the laughter wherever I can find it.

I write books for children, and the same three elements emerge in my writing; mainly because I can’t help it, but also because children, I think, love mystery, laughter and suspense every bit as much as I do. Sascha Martin’s Adventures and Through the Wormhole (which will also be a series) are unabashed science fiction. Sascha Martin is all about the laughter. Wormholes covers the mystery and suspense; but it’s not all deadly serious ... How could it be, with four kids bickering their way through every adventure?

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