Savage Seas and Sfumato Skies

Genre: Non Fiction

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Bob Ross

Book Summary

Ever wondered how to get that ‘cloud’ effect?
Or how those old masters made their seas rage and their land flow?

It’s called ‘sfumato’.

"Sfumato" translated into English means soft, vague or blurred. Leonardo da Vinci used it to famous effect with the Mona Lisa’s smile, but it can also be – and is – used in painting many other subjects. As both a writer and an artist, how words translate into images has always fascinated Debrah. Known best for her award-winning psychological thrillers and literary fiction, she was originally an artist and now her words and images collide in this sfumato book of atmospheric painting peppered with lyrical poetry and prose inspired by the images as step by step, Debrah demonstrates how she paints those sfumato skies and powerful seascapes.

Ever wanted to learn how to paint, but also be beguiled and inspired as you do so?

Here’s how…


"Related in near poetic form, these lessons unravel not only the technical side of painting, but also the lyrical transformation of pigment/paper/canvas into that realm of visual inspiration and beauty. This is a multifaceted book, excellent for aspiring artists, and flights of dreams for all. Highly Recommended." Grady Harp, May 19"

"...this beautifully rendered art book that not only exposes and explores the author's creative artistic side, but also embraces her lyrical writing. As you read and experience the book, you will be led gently through the creative process, learning techniques, letting go of preconceived ideas of what art should be, and witness the author's own opening up and vulnerability. Perhaps this book is all you will need to inspire, to put you into a open mindset, one that will allow more creativity and expansion. Highly recommend for a truly lovely and inspiring art and poetry book." Amazon reviewer 2019

About the Author

Even as a child I read avidly, working my way along the shelves in the local library until I’d run out of books. The love of literature continued into adult life, with a degree in English Literature and Fine Art. Now, with a miscellany of careers from finance to teaching, nursery management to event management, behind me, I still read voraciously but also now write with equal passion.

I'm a B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree ( for Patchwork Man, the first in my Patchwork People trilogy thriller series, self-published in 2014/15, and also for Chained Melodies (, the story of a transgender. I have now self-published seven fictional titles in total, plus a non-fiction book on writing. As well as writing full time, I also teach workshops on creative writing, and in 2014 was the Chair of literary festival.

I'm always delighted to swap newsletters with authors writing in similar genres to me - mystery/thrillers, literary fiction and writing theory. I also have books out on audio so audiobook promotion is of interest to me too.

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