Saving Paludis

Genre: Sci-fi

For Fans Of

Arthur C. Clarke, Alastair Reynolds, Dan Simmons, David Drake, David Weber, E. E. Smith, Iain Banks, Larry Niven, Lois McMaster Bujold, Peter F. Hamilton, Vernor Vinge

Book Summary

Readers' Favorite 2018 International Award winner

An alien revolution centuries in the making will change mankind’s future forever …

Police agent Stefan Lattanzis never expected his planet to become a battlefield, nor Earth for that matter. But when scientists from Paludis share a technological breakthrough with Earth authorities, peace escalates to the brink of war in a hurry. It doesn’t help that the local aliens have a dangerous and mystifying agenda of their own. Meanwhile, a desperate human cult has its own plans to exploit the powerful new technology…

To keep his home world alive, Stefan must team with two strangers, a botanist and a mysterious seer. As embattled factions vie for control of the universe, the trio must trust in each other to keep the new technology from ripping time and space apart.

Saving Paludis is an electrifying sci-fi thrill-ride. If you like futuristic technology, alien political intrigue, and high-octane, paranormal action, then you’ll love this marvellous interstellar adventure!


5 STARS: Set about 2000 years in the future, when mankind has spread its wings, this tale takes place on Paludis at the extreme edge of human colonization. Humans occupied this mineral-rich gem of a planet centuries ago by violent conquest. The subjugated remaining inhabitants - superstitious primitive aliens, the Muskans - are confined to a narrow little stretch of land named Musk. Tak-Elno, a Muskan, flouts the laws of the sea-god, Garn, and swims in the ocean, a crime.
Thus begins an incredible chain of events. Clayton Graham's Saving Paludis is definitely a great interstellar thriller and recommended to its targeted audience of young adults and older readers.
Reviewed by Deepak Menon for Readers’ Favorite 5-star review June 2 2018

5 STARS: Immediately I was engrossed in this thoughtful and thought-provoking futuristic science fiction novel. My lifelong stance has always been to favor the underdog and cheer on the oppressed. Immediately, my attitude was total empathy with the "aliens," who rather than invading Earth, had instead been invaded by Earthlings--and not just invaded, but shuffled off to a single corner of the continent. I found SAVING PALUDIS an exceptional novel with powerful and lasting impact. I happily noticed resonances of the late, lamented Arthur C. Clarke.
Space Out With Sci Fi in June: The Haunted Reading Room June 7 2018

5 STARS: Intelligently plotted, Saving Paludis is a science fiction story with great futuristic elements. The conflict is riveting and it isn’t strange that when a piece of powerful technology comes onto the market, there is infighting among powerful groups to take control of it. Clayton Graham exploits this aspect of the story to grab the reader's interest, build tension, and move the plot forward. The writing is compelling and there is a fluidity of expression that will delight readers who enjoy clarity in writing.
Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite 5-star review June 3 2018

5 STARS: Saving Paludis by Clayton Graham is a well designed and developed sci-fi novel. The cast of characters is diverse and the author does a good job of showcasing their strengths and weaknesses. The author’s creativity is brought out with a plot that is well developed and original, and with natural sounding dialogue. The development of the story is well constructed and it flows along smoothly to a good, solid ending.
Reviewed by Paul F. Johnson for Readers’ Favorite 5-star review June 4 2018

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About the Author

As a youngster growing up in the cobbled streets of Stockport, UK, Clayton Graham read a lot of Science Fiction. He loved the ‘old school’ masters such as HG Wells, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov and John Wyndham. As he left those formative years behind, he penned short stories when he could find a rare quiet moment amidst life’s usual distractions.

He settled in Victoria, Australia, in 1982. A retired aerospace engineer who worked in structural design and research, Clayton has always had an interest in Science Fiction and where it places humankind within a universe we are only just starting to understand.
Clayton loves animals, including well behaved pets, and all the natural world, and is a member of Australian Geographic.

Combining future science with the paranormal is his passion. ‘Milijun’, his first novel, was published in 2016, and second novel ‘Saving Paludis’ was published in 2018. In between the two books, Clayton published a collection of short stories: 'Silently in the Night'.
'Saving Paludis' is light years from ‘Milijun’, but shares the future adventures of mankind in an expansive universe as a common theme.

'Amidst Alien Stars' - the sequel to 'Milijun' - was published on December 1 2020.
'Looking for Life', a novel-length collection of short Sci-Fi stories will be published in late 2020.

He hopes you can share the journeys.

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