Seat of the Fifth God by Simon Woodhouse

Book Summary

Recently-widowed Dr. Edarna Sooca has heard the legend of the Spiral Chair. A thousand years before, five gods visited the lonely planet of Bodarium and gave the Spiral Chair as a gift to the people there, the Amorphar. The icon became a symbol of hope and salvation until Serlham Slave Raiders stripped the planet of all life and ended Amorphar civilisation.
Haunted by the death of her husband, Dr. Sooca desperately longs for something to make her life feel relevant again. She heads to the uninhabited world of Bodarium in search of the Spiral Chair. Accompanied by a team of 'bots, she ventures into the isolated forests of Northern Hymila, last known resting place of the lost relic.
An escaped slave and trained assassin, Okeilore, also wants the Chair. Along with her sister, Okeilore follows the Doctor to the deserted planet. But the gods have returned to Bodarium, and they're not the benign figures of legend. Realizing the Spiral Chair isn't what it appears to be, the women must choose sides knowing that, if used to its full potential, the ironic symbol of hope and salvation will destroy the only being capable of saving them...

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