"Secrets" - The Montgomery Chronicles Book 2

Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Paranormal, Suspense Thrillers, Young Adult

Book Summary

Well, by the end of Book 1, the Montgomery Family had certainly been through a lot, especially over the previous year. And it was good to see that the light had been switched on for them.

However, in "Secrets" (Book 2), it’s going to take a whole lot more than that to turn things around — if, in fact, they’re able to do it. They’ve acknowledged the herd of elephants in the room (it really wasn’t just one, now, was it?). But do they have what it takes to do anything about it?

There will be consequences to the choices each member of the Montgomery Family made in "The Gift," and the way they’ve been living their lives. Consequences that could make them stronger as individuals and as a family. Or that could destroy them.

Secrets are lurking everywhere, just waiting for dark places to hide. Secrets that get into your bones and eat you alive. Secrets that get into your heart and poison you. Secrets that you don’t even know you’re keeping…until they are revealed and blow your world apart.

True to its name, “Secrets” is loaded with them. Some would have been better left long-buried. Others have managed to cause damage in one way or another, even if they’re never told. And a couple of them…well, they’re just plain lethal.

Rosa has more secrets than a magician.

Robert’s could destroy his family.

Marissa’s secrets terrify Elijah.

James and Aunt Charlotte each have secrets that could get them killed.

Others have secrets, too.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” Well, if that’s what it takes…

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About the Author

Liberty Forrest is an award-winning author and Huffington Post contributor. Previously, she specialised in non-fiction inspirational self-help books but now focuses on family saga fiction with a paranormal element.

Drawing on her own turbulent life and healing journey, she combines her life experiences with her highly creative imagination to write gripping, compelling stories. Her characters deal with various obstacles and challenging family relationships, some of which involve interaction with the Spirit realm. Liberty's characters feel like real people all of us know and love -- or love to hate!

In childhood, Liberty discovered her abilities as a psychic and medium, which continued to develop over the years, leading her to do readings professionally.

For five years, she appeared approximately monthly on Sue Marchant's evening show on BBC Radio doing psychic phone-ins for listeners. Eventually, she took to the stage, where she connected audience members with loved ones in spirit.

Her passion is writing, and her rich and varied life experiences provide a wealth of inspiration for her stories.

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