Seer Of Souls - Book One of the Spirit Shield Saga

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Lord Of The Rings

Book Summary

The time for hiding is finished. The dead are restless. She is COMING...

Twins Cayden and Avery Tiernan have grown up in isolation on the fringe of the realm. Gifted with forbidden skills, they hide their growing magical powers. Ancient prophecies speak of the ones with the power to depose the queen.

To protect her throne, Queen Alcina scours the land for evidence of magic, while the darker force she serves threatens the land with chaos. She is not the only huntress however. Primordial seekers discover the twins first but before they can escape, the death of a queen’s guard puts the entire village in jeopardy. To save their town, the twins flee, only to be dragged toward an unknown destiny.

Guided by her gift, Avery senses lies and treachery where others see only truth. Dare she trust her instincts? For Cayden, an irresistible voice whispers to him. Does it belong to the souls of the dead and are they calling him home?



5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent YA fantasy!
By Amazon Customer on June 7, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I love fantasy if it's well-written. The world-building has to be competent, the characters engaging and the plot well-realized and significantly short on holes. Susan Faw's Seer of Souls checked all three boxes.

Cayden Tiernan has lived in a small village with his twin sister Avery, far away from an evil Queen who is scouring the land for the one person with the power to depose her, the one person who can foil the plans of an even darker force that threatens to plunge their land into darkness.

While magic and sorcery did have a part to play in the plot, I like that the story didn't use it as a crutch. For all intents and purposes, Cayden was just ... a guy. A guy doing what he must to survive against incredible odds, unaware that fate has a particularly interesting surprise for him.

I really truly enjoyed this book. I cannot wait for the next chapter in the story!

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Book of Adventure
By Purple Griffon TOP 500 REVIEWER on November 30, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I like fantasy and tend to read a lot of it (And history, which some could say is fantasy at times). This book is likely intended for a younger adult audience (I qualify for half of that description)! When I was offered a copy of this to read with a possibility of reviewing it, I accepted, as I often find writers that I like from this that I would not learn about until later, if at all.

I liked this book quite a bit. Some of the things are a bit more convenient than I find believable, but only a bit. I especially enjoy the way she writes her characters interacting with one another - well done and interesting. I am not going to go into detail as to what the story is - there is a more than adequate description of the book.

If you or someone you like enjoys fantasy, this would be an excellent choice. More, if you like well written and enjoyable stories, set in a medieval type worlds, this is ideal. Something I especially like is that this book would be enjoyed by both males and females - a real plus. I know there is magic described in the book - so obviously fans of magic based worlds would be interested in this one.

Highly recommended!

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About the Author

Susan’s love of stories began before she could read or write. Her earliest childhood memories are of a make believe game she played with her sister, creating and telling an epic story inspired by a picture chosen at random from a National Geographic magazine. Susan spent her summers reading and writing sometimes serious, sometimes humorous works of fiction, imagining the worlds beyond her bedroom walls. Susan is an avid reader of literature, especially science fiction and fantasy. She loves to bring new worlds and fantasy adventures to young adults and inspire them to join her on her make believe journeys. You can find Susan at, on twitter @susandfaw or on Facebook at

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