Sensitive by Dan Donoghue

Genre: Sci-fi

Book Summary

In a galaxy overwrought with unrest and war, one exceptionally-bred Sensitive is called upon to save them all from interplanetary war...

Wolf Carthar was reared in a primitive tribal environment on Earth. He is an extremely powerful Sensitive who can shield his mind against invasion by other Sensitives. Isolated by nature, framed and exiled for love, he is sent to a planet discovered and settled by Americans.
High America suffers one severe drawback to development: For reasons yet unknown, Sensitives are unable to survive on it. With the odds stacked against him right from the beginning, Wolf struggles to clear the planet of invaders and make it possible to survive.
He must discover and defeat the source of death on High America--the killing machine--that lures Sensitives like him to their deaths...or fall victim to its power himself.

About the Author

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