Shadows of Mallachrom, Book 2: That Synching Feeling

Book Summary

Rover Pilot Nureen Keala, Rhianni Day's best friend, is on patrol on the other side of the galaxy from Mallachrom. She would rather be supporting Rhianni's mission, but the bureaucrats aren't cooperating. Responding to a distress call puts Nureen in the wrong place at the wrong time. She falls through a vortex into another universe that has never heard of the Rovers or the war against the Talroqi.
On a space station belonging to the Trefarian Empire, Tedrin Creed has been waiting for the vortex to open again. Five years ago, Talroqi ships attacked his ship. After sending his crew away to safety, he defeated the Talroqi before the vortex sucked down his ship. He has been lying to the Empire's people ever since, waiting for the vortex to open, so he can go home. When a ship and a pilot claiming to be a Rover fall through, his chance has finally come.
Problem: This ship is like no Rover ship he has ever seen, and the pilot doesn't like him, or believe he is who he says he is. Nureen has every reason to distrust this man who claims to be Tedrin Creed. She knows all about him. He was her grandfather's best friend, and died a hero fifty years ago.
Time is the problem, in several ways. The vortex and the way home will only be open for a short period of time. Can they learn to trust each other and escape the dangers of the Empire before time runs out?

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