She Cried for Me: Autobiography of a Dog

Genre: Children

Book Summary

This book for children contains She Cried for me: Autobiography of a dog with two bonus stories.
Julie and the Elephant Mamba,
Brownie and the Hunter
There are sample Chapters from another book, a Poem, and a few illustrations.
She Cried for Me is a heart-wrenching story for pet and dog lovers.
A young dog becomes tired of being underfed and abused.
Scared of her owner's threat to kill her, she runs away.
Dog catchers are on her trail.
The owner of a dog sanctuary spots her.
Will she be rescued?
Can she find a loving home with a loving family?
Julie and the Elephant.
Julie wants to join the circus for one reason, and that is to play with Elephant Mamba.
Will her Mom allow her to join?
Brownie and the Hunter.
This story is about a dog named Brownie who disappeared from a loving home.
Was she ever found?


This is a wonderfully touching and often funny memoir of a dog called Spikey, who was owned by the author of this story.
It is a quick read, but that doesn't mean there is not time for build-up or effective use of pacing.
Basically, anyone who have ever owned a pet (or been owned by pet) will understand that for some reason, we were bound to be part of their lives. As animals generally live a shorter life than us as humans, it makes their presence all the more special. I also believe that if one does not have children of their own, or cannot have children for whatever reason, that a dog or a cat, or indeed any pet, can be elevated to a very special and unique status in their lives.
The story is clever and really gives you an insight into what this special dog thought about those around them, as well as their own worries and fears about things and situations they did not understand.
If you are an animal lover, or you appreciate that life is passing every single moment, or you believe that pets are not just pets - something to be discarded when they die, you will take something from this book. I will not say you will enjoy it - it hits home on many points that if you lost a pet recently, it may not be the time to read it. But the important thing to recognise is that this is a story with a heart as big as the dog at its centre, and if that doesn't convince you to read it today, nothing will.

About the Author

Author of the popular, multi-award-winning, bestselling book HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS, Brenda C. Mohammed, a former Bank Manager from Trinidad is a renowned multi-genre, bestselling, and multi-award-winning author.
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