Silent Crossroads

Genre: Historical Fiction

For Fans Of

Captain Corelli's Mandolin, Birdsong, A Very Long Engagement, Saving Private Ryan and All Quiet on the Western front

Book Summary

Silent Crossroads explores the terrible events of the first half of the twentieth century through the lens of one family, shattered by war but united in love. This is the story of the only man to have fought on both sides in both world wars. Harry Woods is a seventeen-year-old Tommy thrown into the maelstrom of WW I. As the reader follows him over the course of the next three decades, he makes the journey from immature youth to battle-hardened soldier. His decisions about home, wife and work are made at the silent crossroads that determine the course of his astonishing life.

While Harry fights across the world, his wife and daughter face mortal danger on the home front as real as anything Harry confronts on the battlefield. They, too, have decisions to make. This is a novel for readers who like an unflinching war story as well as compelling romance. The story is strewn throughout with agonizing ethical dilemmas and raises questions which will prompt the reader to consider the devastating moral implications of choices, both personal and national. Who has first claim to our loyalties? What happens when good men make bad choices? At what point is anyone culpable for the actions of their country?


What a fabulous book! I normally read books set in the medieval or tudor period, so I wasn't sure what to expect with this, my first ever read of a book set during WWI and WW2. I needn't have worried, as I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. The author writes fluidly, with just the right amount of description for each scene. Gill UK

Enjoyed the book very much so easy to get into, didn't want to put it down.Caz UK

About the Author

Jem Duducu has been in love with history for as long as he can remember.I went to UWCC to read Archaeology and Medieval History. I am also the author of four history books from the ‘100 Facts’ series for Amberley Publishing along with other non-fiction titles.

I have now written my first historical fiction title.

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