So you're dead ...this is what happens next

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Humour, Paranormal, Sci-fi

Book Summary

So you're dead.... This is what happens next is the story of a Demon who has the job of Soul delivery in Hell. He has to take his new client Simon to Dis which will be Simon's final resting place, however the Demon just really can't be bothered. He has been doing the same boring old job for the last 2000 years and because of his sarcasm and general apathy he is on a performance improvement plan. What follows is a raucous trip through Hell meeting the likes of Charon the senile old boatman and Cerberus the slobbery 3 headed dog, a mission to Earth , and finally a student exchange programme to Heaven.
It is certainly a laugh out loud tale.

About the Author

I came to self publishing at a really sad time. My husband Mark Jones sadly passed away in 2013 . He had written a book which was just a manuscript when he died. I felt there was no better way to honour husband memory than to get the book published. It's been an amazing journey and I am delighted to see his book in print.

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