Songs About Life: A Novel About Love and Life

Genre: General Fiction, Humour, Romance

Book Summary

As a writer for the local newspaper, Alex Hanson is naturally curious. When she crosses paths with Bobby, a bedraggled regular at Wilken's Place, she becomes intrigued. Who was this man, and what was his story? As she struggles to uncover the mystery surrounding Bobby, Alex realizes that maybe the same questions apply to her own life. Who was she, and what was her story?

Join Alex on her hilarious journey of self-discovery - the people she meets, her friends, and her lovers. Will she ever find all the pieces of her puzzle? She can only hope...

'Songs About Life' is a witty, intelligent commentary about life as seen through the eyes of a successful thirty-something woman. Alex Hanson is every woman - flawed and scarred, tormented by demons from her past, and troubled by the uncertainties of her future. But she is also strong and real, determined to face whatever comes her way, doing it all with charm, dignity, and a sense of pride.

"My name is Matt." He held out his hand. Did I shake it or just thrust it down my shirt. I was torn.

Yes, Alex is a woman who knows what she wants. She just has absolutely no idea how to get it..."

"I absolutely LOVED this book. Trish's writing style is amazing and I just couldn't put it down. I can't count the number of times I laughed out loud and then in the next paragraph was almost brought to tears. Her writing is very real - no fluff or filler. It was an absolute joy to read and honestly I can't wait to find out what happens to Alex
in the next book! Hurry up Trish! We're all waiting!" (C. MacDonald)

"This book was hilarious, it truly was. I don't often laugh out loud while reading, but with this book, I just couldn't help myself. But Alex and her adventures also made me think about life and what was important. A great read! Very recommended!" (W. Kampers)

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About the Author

I began to write at the age of five, using my family as characters in my first epic novel, "The Rabbit Family”. Although never formally published, the single, handwritten and self-illustrated copy of “The Rabbit Family” did make appearances at the local school, grocery store, bowling alley and bridge club meetings, courtesy of an enthusiastic Mother and her large purse. I am grateful to my family for allowing me to develop my imagination and creative flair without ever passing judgment. I realize at times this must have been difficult.

I was blessed to be born into the most wonderful and loving family, with parents who adored each other and three incredible older brothers who still arm wrestle at Christmas to see who's the strongest. My older sister is my best friend and someone I'm not sure I could ever do without. My family gave me my foundation and helped me be the person I am today. We've had our struggles, losing Mom at such a young age, being at the top of the list, but we've always stuck together. I am thankful for their love and the love of their spouses and children.

Being the youngest kid in a big family is an awesome thing, even if meant I had to be the "official television station changer" before the invention of the wireless remote (long story...maybe a future blog post!). And then there were the times my oldest brother made me run laps through the house to "train" for the Olympics, while he sat on the stairs, laughed and shouted the odd word of encouragement. Do I begrudge him? Hell no! I just made his two girls sprint back and forth in my backyard when they came to visit...

Creativity is about having the courage to not only find your voice but share it with others. It can be frightening - I know. For too long I was afraid, and kept my creativity safely hidden in the closest. Afraid of being laughed at...ridiculed for being a bit zany.

So I tried other means to satisfy my imagination. I coloured my hair. A lot. I re-arranged furniture and painted walls. But nothing seemed to work. I couldn't deny it. I had to write. I was forced to write. And I was liberated.

I enjoy all sorts of writing and don't like to pigeon-hole myself into one particular genre. It all depends on the vibe I'm feeling for that particular day.

I've written non-fiction books, fiction books, articles and over forty scripts for short 30 second animation pieces. I enjoy what I do and have to admit it does give me a feeling of accomplishment. Life is all about what you make it. If you never take the chance, you'll never know just what you might be able to accomplish!

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