Soul Shakedown: A Metaphysical Adventure

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Humour, Paranormal, Sci-fi, Urban Fantasy

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Book Summary

SOUL FOOD... IT'S NOT JUST A SOUTHERN CUISINE... Everything seems to be looking up for young Guyanese father Compton Sharpe. He's got a beautiful baby daughter, a devoted fiancee, a dirt-cheap place to stay at his Dad's house in New Jersey, and to top it all off he's just landed an incredibly well-paid yet ridiculously easy job as a janitor in a local lab. Sure, there does seem to be something a bit... peculiar about the scientists in the lab, but with a meal ticket like this, Compton's more than happy to put up with their little eccentricities - until, that is, he stumbles across the true nature of the scientists' experiments, and is forced to embark on a desperate quest to save his daughter from a fate too sinister to contemplate - with a little help from a colourful cast of family and friends... and from the Natural Mystic.

Blending elements of science fiction, fantasy, Caribbean folklore and metaphysical speculation, "Soul Shakedown" is a roller-coaster ride into the spiritual realm for thrill-seekers, deep thinkers and soul adventurers everywhere.

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From Amazon reviews - "A great read, hilarious and thoughtful... This book is fantastic. It's written in a patois, but it's very easy to read, and there's a glossary that I only had to consult a couple of times... the humour, vivid imagery and something very real about the interior life of the protagonist keep it alive... the author has great command of language... highly recommended."- Bzzxxx, USA

"Some books can be read in stages, a few chapters today, a few more tomorrow. Not this one! I completed it in just two days, laying it aside most unwillingly to complete the most essential of survival tasks." - Elsie Croal, USA

"Storytelling at its finest... a unique blend of sci-fi and Caribbean folklore with a dash of wit." - Mamta Mehta, USA

"Excellent... a deft meld of folklore and sci-fi metaphysics." - Jay Greeny, UK

"Drawing on Guyana's rich well of rumours, legends, superstitions and ancestral oral traditions, this colourful story is fast-moving and engaging... the fact that the book is not written in sanitized, whitewashed English but in the dialect of its characters is an essential part of its makeup; the language used is part of the story itself. The folklore aspects and the way they are woven into an alternate world SF context is absorbing enough, but it is the characters that carry the whole thing and make it so enjoyable." - R. Cadger, UK

"I loved everything about this book from the author's first-person lyrical narration to his cinematic descriptions of these otherworldly adventures. The warmth and wit imbued in Mr. Miles' characters, together with his obvious love, respect and knowledge of Guyanese folklore makes this a totally joyous read that I didn't want to end." - Caroline Murphy, UK

"This book came straight out of left field... it's compelling, engaging, fascinating. Seriously entertaining, you will not have read anything like this before. I can't wait for the next book to come." - Tarek Halabi, UK

"Brilliantly written with great characters. I loved the vivid descriptions of the soul dimension but it stayed rooted in the real world too. Will certainly be looking out for future works by Gareth R. Miles!" - Eleanor Thomas, UK

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About the Author

Born in London of Guyanese and Welsh descent, and raised in Georgetown, Guyana, Gareth R. Miles has also lived in Venezuela, the USA and Brazil. He presently resides in Wales. He holds degrees in Anthropology and Communications and has worked as a warehouse worker, community/labour organizer, supermarket cashier, care home assistant, volunteer English teacher and social researcher, amongst other occupations. His first novel, "Soul Shakedown: A Metaphysical Adventure" is the fruit of his lifelong fascination with both SF/Fantasy and Guyanese folklore, and is best read by candlelight during a blackout under a humid tropical sky - but just sitting in your armchair will do. Sequels and other novels are in the works. He is also a hip hop/reggae MC, rapping as SKS de Arrowhead.

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