Soul to Take


Book Summary

‘In truth, I was never really sure my state was possible until now. I mean, I’d thought about it. I’d even talked about it with others but I’d never truly believed … In all my wildest dreams, I could not have imagined what this would be like. I don’t float on a cloud, or run with the whisper of the breeze. No, I’m just here.’ 

As this much re-cycled Soul watches the lives of four ordinary women on their journey to Motherhood, it becomes clear that one will be instrumental in delivery to its final destination. This novel explores what it is to decide to become a parent and the possibility that actually, it might be our children who choose us.

About the Author

Helen Bateman studied English Language and Literature at Lancaster University and has taught both subjects at Secondary School level. She was born in Ashington, Northumberland but now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and looks after their three children full time. Writing is something Helen has always enjoyed and she feels blessed to now have more time to indulge in this privilege.

Helen wrote her debut novel 'Soul to Take' during her youngest child's naps throughout 2014.

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