Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise

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Welcome to Minkie's world, where learning, fun, and mystery meet! 

 In Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise, Minkie is invited to a friend's birthday bash, but there's a problem, Minkie can't remember who that friend is. As he goes in search of answers, he runs into yet another problem. This time, the problem is a little more serious. His best friend, Bob, has gone missing and finding him means Minkie will have to travel across the solar system to the planet Venus. Along the way, he'll have puzzles to solve and a series of activities to accomplish before he can move forward. Follow Minkie as he follows the clues in search of his friend and has fun along the way! This interactive puzzle book is designed with preschoolers in mind will help your child develop counting, reading and cognitive skills. They'll solve puzzles, color pages, trace letters and numbers, and learn to follow patterns while engaging in a fun, age-appropriate activity.


Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise is a children's puzzle book written and illustrated by Ceri Clark. Minkie Monster is from outer space. He and his little friend, Bob, are going to a party, but Bob likes to hide from Minkie. Readers are invited to help Minkie find Bob in a series of puzzles and counting games. There are books to count in a library, rocket ships to identify and find, a countdown to trace into action and stars to count. Clark also includes mazes, coloring pages, and an interplanetary word search. It's a hard job looking for Bob with lots of challenges and tasks for Minkie's helpers. There's even a snakes and ladders game to get past in order to enter the rocket that will take Minkie and Bob to the party. Clark provides the reader with a link and password to get extra copies of the pages of this book, so puzzles can be worked on again and again. 

I love numbers and puzzles, and I fell in love with Ceri Clark's children's puzzle book, Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise, the minute my eyes hit the title page, and I saw those numbered rockets. Clark makes counting and writing fun as she weaves those skills in with the puzzles and games that appear in this disarming and very funny book. Minkie Monster and Bob are glorious aliens, brightly colored, and with the most cheerful and monstrous expressions on their faces.

Can you help Minkie find Bob? I had a great time trying, and I'm sure that anyone, including any adult, who opens this book will have as much fun with it as I did. The illustrations alone are incredible and the author/illustrator's use of graphic designs, fonts, colors, and shapes is inspired. Parents are always looking for a book that kids will enjoy more than once, and this puzzle book is definitely one of those rare and special do-it-again kids' books. And the surprise? You'll have to read the book, finish the puzzles, and then find out for yourself. Space Puzzles: Minkie Monster and the Birthday Surprise is most highly recommended.Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

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