Spirituality, Sport, and Doping: More than Just a Game

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

I am a firm believer in the value of sport, in spite of the distortions that twist sport into over-the-top violence or take the joy and fun out of it. But all aspects of life, including religion and sport, are like that: they can get twisted and abusive, emptied of goodness. This is why it is so very important to examine our value base and desires deliberately and critically. While it is easy to go along for the ride, the rapid expansion of sport enhancement options carries a tidal wave of values that threaten to drown marginalized values, including spirituality. People can and do experience spirituality in sport. If sport has a sacred dimension, we need to ask how growing technological innovations affect not only sports performances but experiences of sport as sacred. What difference does it might make to the enhancement debate if sport’s spirituality is taken seriously?

About the Author

Tracy J. Trothen is a professor of ethics at Queen’s University, jointly appointed to the School of Religion and the School of Rehabilitation Therapy. She is a certified Supervisor-Educator in Clinical Spiritual Health (CASC), and a Registered Psychotherapist (CRPO). Trothen’s areas of research and teaching specialization include biomedical and social ethics, spiritual and religious health, aging, human enhancement technologies, and sport. Trothen is the author or editor of numerous articles, chapters, and eight books with one of the most recent being Spirituality, Sport, and Doping: More than Just a Game (2018). She is publishing a textbook co-authored with Dr. Calvin Mercer tentatively titled Religion and the Future: An Introduction to Biohacking, A.I., and Technological Change, to be released in 2021. Trothen is a member of the American Academy of Religion’s Human Enhancement and Transhumanism Unit Steering Committee and co-chairs the AAR’s Artificial Intelligence seminar.

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