Stocking Stuffers: A Christmas Erotica Anthology

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

13 sexy short stories by new and established erotica authors, Stocking Stuffers is guaranteed to get you enjoying the spirit of Christmas!

Luca’s Little Christmas Cracker - Caitlyn Lynch 
Luca can’t stop thinking about Amy, Santa’s sexy assistant. Late on Christmas Eve, he finds her sleeping in Santa’s chair. Sexy shenanigans ensue as Amy gives Luca a Christmas gift to remember.

Hurry Down The Chimney - V.T. Charbonneau
Ivy Dixon’s hopes for a sweet Christmas Eve at home with her boyfriend are dashed when she sees a picture of him on Facebook at a party, his lips locked with some other woman. 

Kaylee’s Christmas Treat - T.D. Crawls
Kaylee Francis is torn between her boyfriend Marcus and his best friend Micah. When they get snowed in for Christmas, Kaylee sets a plan in motion for a Christmas Eve none of them will ever forget.

The Best-Laid Christmas Party Plans - Constance Edwards
Olive and Teddy have hated each other since they first met four years ago at new employee orientation. Now they’re tasked with throwing the company Christmas party, and they just might find that there’s a thin line between love and hate.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Ariel Bishop
Jess has been handling her crush on Ryan, the hot guy she knows from the gym, just fine, thank you very much. But when she and Chris run into Ryan at a holiday party, Chris has a plan to get Jess the Christmas present she really wants.

Those Good Old Christmas Days - Ava Bari
Nina Toriello, former child star, returns to her acting career to star in the anniversary Christmas special of her old show. Reuniting with Chase Tyler, her former co-star and now a world famous movie star, it soon becomes apparent that they're not little kids anymore.

Staying Warm - Leah Pink
It’s Christmas Eve, and Charlie gets snowed in overnight at work with her boss. Finding something to eat isn’t a problem, but there’s not a whole lot of options for sleeping space. She’s about to get a lot closer to Eddie than she ever thought she would.

Santa’s Wicked Elf - Livvy Ward
Hollie Nikolas had been away from home for awhile; school and a normal life in her aunt's home. Back with her family at last, she's ready to take her place in her father's workshop. But the tall, gorgeous elf who runs her father's stables is wreaking havoc on all her plans.

Best Christmas Present Ever - Líadáin Douglas
Company Christmas parties can be difficult for everyone, but especially when you know your awful ex will be there. What’s a girl to do, when that happens? Talk her best friend into pretending to be her date, of course. 

Jingle The Bells - Audrey Noire
Nothing’s worse than being single at Christmas, especially at a work function. Amidst all her coworkers and their plus ones, Avery’s feeling pretty lonely until Liam shows up and gets under her skin, as per usual. Just when she thinks her night can’t tank any further, her ex-boyfriend decides to make an appearance to win her back.

A New Tradition - Amelia Rockwell
Daphne Moller comes back to her small hometown to spend Christmas with her family. Retreating to a small local bar, she inadvertently rekindles a high school crush on Joshua Locke, current bartender. An old crush turns into a new flame. 

A Winter’s Ball - Ally Parker
It’s the annual regimental Christmas ball, and Matthew’s short a date once again. Luckily, his brother in arms Victor has him covered; a blind date for the ball with Victor’s little sister. Denise is bright, bubbly, and everything this career soldier needs to pull him out of his shell (and that sexual frustration out of his uniform) for at least one Christmas night.

Midnight In New Orleans - Ana Blades
Lucy's life had turned into no life at all, as she realized that all she did was work. The Christmas season is always the perfect time for the fates to show a girl to slow down and pay attention, and this time, the ghost of the past and present, could be her future.


This anthology decked my halls in all those new, old-fashioned ways, and I'm not talking about decorating...
No, my friends. I'm talking about the kind of book you don't bring home to Momma. The kind of book you pull out from under your pillow while you're enjoying the obligatory candy-cane after a long day of holiday shopping. Filled with enough sexy twists and naughty turns to keep you hooked, each story that's been included in this anthology leaves you flushed, jolly, and overflowing with holiday spirit. From sexy elves (I mean, really, I could end the review here - if sexy elves don't do it for you, I don't know what will) to delectable gym rats, there might actually be a little (or a lot) for everyone.


If you are looking for a way to pass those cold winter nights and forget the chaos of the holiday season, this book is for you. Escapism at its finest, this anthology features a little something for everyone. Steamy is not hot enough to describe the stories found here. From "enemies to lovers" and "fake dating" to polyamory and role play, you won't be disappointed. The writing is polished and the stories are great. Do yourself a favor and check out this anthology today!

About the Author

I'm an Australian mother of two who writes steamy romances and loves to read and blog about books.

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