Stolen Bikes - Sara & Margo Adventure Series

Genre: Action Adventure, Children

For Fans Of

Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton

Book Summary

When bicycles go missing from their school, Sara & Margo (10 and 12 year old sisters) follow up suspicious activities and try to snare the bike thieves, but end up getting snared themselves!

Daring detective work helps sisters Sara & Margo solve the mystery and get into plenty of adventures.
High tech gadgets produced by their Dad, Henry, help them aid the local police officers.


It is a beautifully written book, aimed at preteens. The grammar and vocabulary is pitched just right. I have read and enjoyed this adventure of two young girls and their friends, some of the stuff they get up to is a little naive and dangerous and should come with a warning 'not to try this at home' but apart from that a jolly good read.
True I'm not exactly a preteen, but I like to read books that I can then recommend to my young friends.

About the Author

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