Sweet Medley: A Poetic Joy

Genre: Poetry

Book Summary

SWEET MEDLEY: A POETIC JOY contains a medley of poems by Author Brenda Mohammed on varied subjects of life, love, and nature, as well as a number of tributes she received from members of the forum, 'How to Write for Success' of which she is Founder.
The Foreword was written by Dr. Vandita Dharni, Author/Poet, who stated, "The Book, 'Sweet Medley: A Poetic Joy' encapsulates a feeling of warmth, love, and compassion. The poet Brenda Mohammed, has inked her profound musings in this exquisite bouquet of verses.
The poems are infused with nostalgia yet there is hope igniting the dark tunnel of life in all its manifestations."
Farhana Sait, Author/ Poet wrote in the Introduction, "" Sweet Medley" as the name says. are drops of honey from the wonderful author, loved by the entire world, Mrs. Brenda Mohammed.
Her thirty-third book is no less than her earlier publications.
This book carries an ocean of interesting poems from the author herself, and tributes to her from worldwide dignitaries on her recent birthday.
These tributes are treasures of love for Author Brenda Mohammed."


SWEET MEDLEY by Author Brenda Mohammed is indeed a poetic joy. It is a literary masterpiece – a combination of the author’s “drops of honey,” as described by Farhana Sait in the Introduction, and ‘bouquets of verses’ as stated by Vandita Dharni in the foreword.
I relished every one of the author’s poems and was thrilled to see the bonus addition of beautiful birthday tributes from her fellow poets.
This is a treat no poetry lover should miss.
I recommend this book to all who love poetry.

About the Author

Author of the popular, multi-award-winning, bestselling book HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS, Brenda C. Mohammed, a former Bank Manager from Trinidad is a renowned multi-genre, bestselling, and multi-award-winning author.
She holds a Diploma in Banking from the Institute of Bankers in London, and a Diploma in Life Underwriting from the American College, USA
She qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table, the Premier Association for Financial Professionals, six times in a row.
To date, she has published thirty-six books. Her genres include memoirs, science fiction, romance, self-help, mystery, children’s books, psychological thrillers, poetry, and poetry anthologies. Her self-help book, ‘How to Write for Success,’ became an important guide for new and aspiring authors.
She won several literary awards in the USA, Peru, Kazakhstan, Seychelles, Nigeria, India, Romania, Argentina, and the UK. She made headlines in several newspapers around the world.
Brenda was inducted into the Indie Author's Wall of Fame in the USA. in January 2020.
In 2018, she received two awards from Readers Favorite International in Miami for two of her books- Zeeka Chronicles and I am Cancer Free.
Three of her books won gold awards in Connection EMagazine Readers’ Choice Awards - Zeeka Chronicles (2018], Stories People Love (2019), How to Write for Success (2019).
Several of her books also received five-star reviews from Readers Favourite International and topped the charts of Amazon to become Amazon No 1 bestsellers.
She was recognised in newspaper reports in Trinidad and Tobago Newsday on 7th November 2018, 16th October 2020, and Trinidad Guardian and Worldnews.net on 20th September 2020.
News of her success reached as far as Ethiopia where a journalist by the name of Alem Hailu interviewed her online on 17th November 2019 for the Ethiopian Sunday Herald.
Brenda is also a poet and among her publications are seven poetry books, with one in bi-lingual – English and Spanish.
Some of her poetry appeared in prestigious journals and anthologies in India, USA, Kazakhstan. Seychelles, USA, and other parts of the world.
She is the Founder of the HOW TO WRITE FOR SUCCESS LITERARY NETWORK with Forums How to Write for Success, Poems for Suicide Prevention, Library of How to Write for Success, and Poems against Domestic Violence with 11000 plus members.
Brenda is an advocate against Domestic Violence and Suicide, and together with several bestselling authors have published three anthologies for these causes.
Her YouTube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbOiViRMRlzpTqyaO2VTBnA
received over 123,000 views since inception. The Channel is for her Video Book Trailers, songs, and travel memories.

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