Sweet Melissa Destination Unknown (Book Four)

Genre: Non Fiction, Young Adult

Book Summary


You better be careful of what you wish for. That hunger, that craving, that need. That longing and that fulfillment of satisfaction. It just might turn your life into a living hell. At the very best your worst nightmare.

I so desperately wanted to be loved, accepted and appreciated. I wanted to fit in. Somewhere. Anywhere. My self-esteem had dwindled down to nothingness. My fear of rejection kept me at rock bottom.

I thought Johnny was the one that could fulfill my every dream and my heart's desire. The one who would make everything right and make everything bad go away. Just simply disappear. I thought that living without him would certainly bring me to an early demise.

The loneliness and depression had only made me more vulnerable. I was drowning within my own identity at a rapid pace. My entire existence was controlled by drugs and my hunger for love. Any rational thoughts were dominated, defeated and paralyzed by another entity.

Where was I heading? Which way should I turn? Was there any chance of returning to my former self? Possibly a better version of my former self? Only time would tell...

Book Four of the Sweet Melissa memoir series continues with Destination Unknown. This is an inspirational read geared towards the young adult audience or anyone suffering from substance abuse or addiction. The series takes you down the dark road of heroin addiction, drug abuse and the lifestyle associated with it. The author has completely lost all self-esteem and her life seems hopeless. She refuses to let mental and physical abuse name her a victim. Her choices are not always the best, as her senses and emotions have been dulled from years of drug abuse. Addiction is a lifelong struggle. As the series evolves you will see that there is hope for everyone. Continue the journey as the author sinks deeper than ever into the dark pit of addiction and then to her eventual recovery. The series contains many TRIGGERS.

About the Author

Susan Segovia-Munoz is currently living a drug-free life in sunny Southern California. Life for her was not always so bright but she managed to pick herself up and brush off the grime after decades of substance abuse and crime. Susan encountered a moment/moments of clarity during her last seven year stretch in state prison. She is sharing her story through the “Sweet Melissa Memoir Series” hoping to inspire and educate others that anything is possible. Almost every epiphany comes with the help of other people–either by direct instruction or observation.

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