Sweeter for the Pain


Book Summary

Nicole is on her way to a secluded retreat owned by her cousin when her car dies, leaving her stranded in unfamiliar territory. A stranger appears from the darkness. She is initially frightened by him, but as they talk she becomes intrigued. When she reaches her destination, she finds out from her coworkers he is considered a scarred and dangerous man.

Finn has chosen a solitary existence after the car wreck that killed his family and disfigured his face. He'd rather be alone than face another crushing loss. He is not ready for the love Nicole offers. Or is he?


"I found this novel intriguing from start to finish and could not put it down until I read it all! The suspense had me biting my nails throughout the novel and I was always concerned about what would happen to the main characters next perpetuating the suspense!
I love Nicole. I found her to be a very intelligent and generous hearted woman. Finn was the classic beast. The romance between the main characters was sweet and very passionate." -Amazon reviewer

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Evan Asher's Books

About the Author

I've been writing for years, but have only recently decided to dust off my novels and try my hand at publishing. My first novel is a romance titled The Profiteer.
During the day I work a regular job. Some would call me a bean counter. At night and on weekends, I am able to leave the numbers behind and concentrate on my main interest: words.

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