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Haruki Murakami : Ian McEwan

Book Summary

Swell is a seminal tale of obsession, deviance and a mother's unrelenting control of her only son, even from the grave.

Now, as he approaches middle age, he is outwardly a tiresomely pedantic, uncomplicated man living a mundane life in a town of suffocating ordinariness. But, when his body is discovered by a beautiful, voluptuous young woman, possessed of an overwhelming desire to be alone with him, we begin to suspect that nothing about this man, and the story of his life, is as it seems.

Only when you reach the end will you see whether you are right to believe what you think you know.

Swell is a tale for the 21st Century, yet the prose transports the sense of a grainy black and white movie, a Romance Noir, with its stark imagery and poignant drama drenched with connotation.


5 Stars 'With each long cut, a curl of freckled skin dropped onto the pages of a newspaper she had spread on the draining board and with every third or fourth curl, she dipped the knife into the sink, half filled with browning water...'

This book is short, but packed full of detail. From the first page I knew that I should not be lulled by the language, which in many places reads like poetry. There is no padding, no wasted words. The quote above refers to the peeling of a potato, but as you read this often disturbing story you wonder if Rivenrod is describing something quite different....

For the reader who loves language, is happy to be challenged and who dares to spend a few hours in the mind of an extraordinary writer. ~ Suzie Grogan Bestselling author of Shell Shocked Britain.

5 Stars I love this book - beautiful use of language and a thought-provoking tale ~ Miss N

About the Author

Artist|Author: Rivenrod stands for integrity & humanity against the shameless excesses of the 21st Century. Immersed in Realpolitik he is carelessly un-PC yet diplomatically forthright: shabby yet chic: a liver of many lives. He is also an Advocate of the SpeakOut Organisation and supporter of War on Want and Action Aid.

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